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Passed 200-500: Zend PHP 5 Certification

August 25, 2010

So I just passed the Zend PHP 5 Certification exam,

The exam doesn’t tell you how many mistakes you have made or what were your weaknesses and strengths, I was told I’m not supposed to hold a cellphone or any notes or even my wallet while doing the exam. The exam was done in a quite room with video surveillance,  fortunately I was given a pen and a paper, there was obviously no other application running besides the exam engine. I finished with 50 minutes remaining, I wasn’t in my best mood to spend minutes and minutes on every question, I knew I was gonna pass.

Here is how I prepared for the exam

  • Study the official study guide, and the book that has questions and answers in it, it’s important to read full answers because there are many hints and important stuff in them
  • I took the official mock exams, I took 4 of them, passed the last 3 of them, and searched on Internet for questions that I had problems with, the problem with these mock exams is that answers are not provided, and people like myself have guessed their own answers on various Internet blogs. I have a religious feeling that when a book gives you questions and no answers, that book is less than perfect.
  • On certain subjects such as Xpath, MVC, Factory, Observer, Regex, and security issues such as injections and forgeries you need to watch some Youtube videos
  • I watched some of CBT Nugget videos related to ZCE PHP 5 exam, they seemed very basic, but if you are totally unfamiliar with a subject they can be helpful

Overall this was a great and fair exam and an amazing learning experience, my next plan is to get one of the following certificates

  • MYSQL from Oracle
  • UML from OMG
  • Project+ from Compatia
  • XML from IBM

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  1. Hello,

    I need your help for ZCE. I am appearing for this exam soon. Can you please provide me mock exam questions and answered. You said certainly right that problem is nowhere the right answer available.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Hi Roobon, unfortunately I do not have mock exams to provide you, but you can google that and you’ll find out a lot if you want to.

    Good luck

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